Birth preparation class ("Geburtsvorbereitungskurs")

Starting from the beginning of the birth until you are discharged from the birthing center/clinic/saying goodbye to the midwife at your home, a birth preparation course outlines everything you need to know.


It is an offer for all those who would like to explore the topic a little more, but is not a compulsory event for all pregnant women.


Different variants are offered: women-only courses, courses with a partner, courses only half with a partner, ongoing courses, weekend crash courses, ...

Find what suits you best.

The course fees are usually covered by German health insurance.

For courses with a partner, there is mostly an additional fee that you have to pay yourself.


The content of the courses can also vary: Do you prefer a course in which you learn a lot of facts about birth? Or would you like a course that focuses on body work?


A birth preparation course is often a good meeting point to get to know expectant parents in the same neighborhood in a similar situation and a great opportunity to build a small network. The courses are mostly offered in midwife practices, birthing centers and hospitals.


You can decide for yourself where you would like to attend such a course, regardless of where you want to give birth.


I am currently not offering any birth preparation courses.