Prenatal massage

 Especially during pregnancy, many women* often suffer from complaints such as back pain, tension or edema.

And in this exact time, you should give yourself a treat every once in a while and feel great! 

What has long been common practice in other countries is often still sought in vain here: A massage during pregnancy can...

- prepare yourself for the birth through relaxation and body awareness.

- Reduce stress and tension, for example counteracting headaches and sleep disorders.

- Reduce edema.

- Reduce muscle tension.

- improve your posture.


After a holistic discussion about your individual situation, I offer you a 60-minute full body massage (back, neck, head, arms, hands, legs, feet).

I'll explain the process to you in advance, what you need to prepare and what you should pay attention to. Contraindications include: infections, fever, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, thrombosis, vaginal bleeding, premature labor.



1 appointment includes 60 minutes of pregnancy massage

1 appointment = 65€

3 appointments = 180€

5 appointments = €300


If you have your child before the end of all paid appointments, we can of course also arrange the massage during the postpartum period.

Of course you can also get vouchers. Even if I'm not "your midwife", you are welcome to contact me for a massage appointment.



*This means all pregnant people