Pregnancy checkup ("Schwangerenvorsorge")

You are entitled to have checkups during pregnancy with a gynecologist and/or a midwife (e.g. alone or alternately).

The costs of these checkups are covered by your German health insurance.

In a physiological pregnancy, they take place every 4 weeks up to the 32nd week of pregnancy and then every 2 weeks.

As a midwife, I collect all findings just like the gynecologist.
The only examination recommended in the maternity guidelines ("Mutterschaftsrichtlinien"), that I cannot do, is the ultrasound.


I plan about an hour for a pregnancy checkup appointment to assess the following things:

- week of pregnancy

- Growth of the uterus/fetus by external palpation and measurement

- Position of the baby in the uterus by external palpation

- Fetal heartbeat (using electronic Doptone and pinard)

- babies' movements

- Check of edema/varicose veins

- Mothers Weight

- Blood pressure

- Urine control

- If necessary, blood sampling to determine Hb / other parameters

- If necessary, smear for ß-streptococci

- If necessary, vaginal examination and vaginal pH measurement

- Discussing your general well-being and clarifying any questions


The appointment will take place at my practice at Tauroggener Straße 43, 10589 Berlin.

The first appointment is usually not a checkup, but rather a talk where we can get to know each other and I would be happy to explain to you how I work.

Please contact me as early as possible in your pregnancy as my capacity will quickly be exhausted.