Breastfeeding preparation class


As a midwife, I accompany many women* on their individual breastfeeding journeys.

Over time, I have found that solid basic knowledge of the subject always pays off and is a major building block on the way to a successful breastfeeding period for everyone involved.

About every second month I give a 4-hour seminar on breastfeeding preparation in English to support you in your whish to breastfeed and to relieve you of stressful fears and insecurities (e.g. if you already did  experienced unsuccessful breastfeeding or "no one in your family was able to breastfeed anyway") and to answer all questions.


If you are interested, please contact me and we can see if we can find a date.

The costs are usually not covered by statutory health insurance and amount to €50 per person, €70 with a partner.

The course takes place in the practice Tauroggener Straße 43.


Please just contact us by email if you are interested.